Lucia Schweigert

Lucia Schweigert

Dancer, choreographer, co-producer of the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform

  • Location: London, UK
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available

I am Lucia Schweigert, a German-Chilean dance artist living in London.
I am a freelance dancer and choreographer and I co-produce the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform with Konstantina Skalionta.

I believe in full-hearted commitment, hard work, patience, a long-term approach, passionate risk-taking and impeccable work ethic.

I dance contemporary, jazz, show and samba styles and I’m always open for new challenges.
As a dancer I want to embody and communicate human truth. I seek the ritualistic absorption movement can give and love sensing the audience reaction. To me, dancing is about discipline, fun, fulfilled exhaustion and deep beauty and enjoyment.

Together with Konstantina Skalionta I co-produce the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform for contemporary dance by female choreographers. We produce two events per year and work in venues that are not traditional dance venues. Each performance is followed by a Q&A in which we invite frank post-performance discussion between the artists and the audience.

We programme engaging, topical, physical and experimental dance, dance theatre and dance films and we exhibit art works that create an atmosphere and setting for the choreography. Our aim is to increase awareness of female choreographers' works and their perspectives and to make contemporary dance more accessible to audiences who may be interested in arts and unusual experiences, but haven't had much experience with contemporary dance yet.

As a creator and choreographer I am interested in how historic developments affect our personalities and our behaviour and in the formation, manifestation and communication of identity, in particular female identity and cultural and national identity.

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