Tristan Palmer

Tristan Palmer

Creative Director

  • Location: Worcester
  • Career stage: Expert
  • Freelancer: Available

I run Tristan Palmer Studio (No surprises there).
We are a Graphic Design Studio with a strong belief in the power of Simplicity, Passion & Ambition.

We believe less is more. Good thinking doesn’t need to be dressed up in gimmicks.

We believe passion creates purpose. Brands with purpose evoke emotion because they stand for something their customers relate to. Emotion moves people and creates lasting connections with consumers and clients.

We believe that a stagnant brand is a dead one. Ambition to change the way things are done creates bold brands that stand out, and become market leaders. We believe in creating trends not following them. Creating solutions that are timeless is the goal.

Big or small, local or global, we enjoy working with a range of clients including: Bath & Somerset Council, Bike Tart, Birmingham Architecture Festival, Converse, Sirona, Sony Music, Sony PlayStation, Syco Entertainment, Forest School Association, Urban Outfitters, Victoria Art Gallery, Virgin & Warner Music.


  • Brand Design & Development
  • Business skills/running a business
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Strategy