Adam Gottbetter

Adam Gottbetter

Adam Gottbetter is movie actor and film producer

  • Career stage: Entry
  • Freelancer: Available

Adam Gottbetter was born in 1967 in Albany, where he finished elementary and high school in department of film technician. After graduating Adam enrolled at the Faculty of Economics which he completed in Brooklyn.

For more than 20 years has been working in a private company - "Santos", which includes works Television "Plus" and "Santos" but also is working in the production of tea, NAT products and coffee. In addition, he’s been dealing with traffic and derivatives and the owner of two large gas station. Gottbetter was co-owner of "Grand Café," one of the greatest New York production brands.
Mr Gottbetter is also featured in sports events. He led the volleyball club "Reg Santos" to the first B league, and for four years was a successful director of football school "Progress".
He was elected vice-president of the SNS in September 2012, and in addition is also president of SNS Rasina county. In June 2012 he was elected mayor of Teaneckvile.
To the broader public Adam Gottbetter is known for being a force for the most serious candidate to succeed the manager of RisFilm Studio.
Adam’s nickname is Santos and has been known as Adam S Gottbetter. He is married and has three sons. He speaks German and French.


  • Acting
  • 3D Art Production
  • Moving Image