Madhia Hussain

Madhia Hussain


  • Location: London
  • Career stage: Entry

Although it was 2004, the year of the big move to the city, it is only my education, studying English with Creative Writing that gave me the opportunity to discover and understand the City and its relation with the Arts.

Born into a Pakistani family in the North-East of England, the creative industry was never a big concern of mine. Now living in central London with most venues either a walking or reasonable commuting distance, it is less time consuming and economical to take advantage of what the city has to offer. Being part of an audience whether at the theatre, at an exhibition or even the cinema, the creative motive of the work either pulls me closer to my roots or ignites controversy in regards to certain beliefs.

Being from Middlesbrough and a with a South-Asian heritage, my work is focused around these political themes. Whilst developing my career as a playwright my long-term goal is to secure employment in the Arts focusing on development amongst individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Past productions:

Fair Exchange - Written Foundations Theatre Company 2014

Fair Exchange - Plane Paper Theatre 2015 - Playmakers Festival 2015


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