Alice  Barlow

Alice Barlow

Graduate in Art and Music, Bath Spa University, currently looking for work, odd jobs for Stapleford Granary (ACE Foundation), Volunteer at The Children's Society Shop, Sawston, past job- Playworker at The Wacky Afterschool and Holiday Club

  • Location: Cambridge

My name is Alice Barlow. I have recently finished a degree in Art and Music at Bath Spa University, majoring in music so am interested in working in one or both of these fields but at the moment am not set on any one job for my future. I did an art foundation year at Cambridge Regional College before starting at University. I have always had a keen interest in both art and music. Singing is my main study and have had singing lessons for 8 years, I sing classical/opera and musical theatre. I am interested in having more experience in opera and or musical theatre. I also play the violin and love doing orchestral playing. I have sung and played in various ensembles whilst at uni and also in Cambridge where I am from, including youth choir Phoenix Chorale and St Andrews, Stapleford Church Choir. I also sang in a church choir whilst studying at uni in Bath. Previously groups/ensembles in Cambridge include Cambridge Youth Opera, Duxford Saturday Workshop, Cambridge Holiday Orchestra, Sawston Youth Drama and Little Shelford Pantomine. 

I have added my CV but this will be changed/edited when I am applying for specific jobs.