Harriet Emilia Baker

Harriet Emilia Baker

Trainee Script Supervisor

  • Location: London
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available

Trainee Script Supervisor based in London.

I have script supervised numerous short films and have also worked as a trainee (dailies) on Kingsman 2 (2016) with Lucy Ward and Nicoletta Mani. Recently, I shadowed Jo Beckett and Kelly Krieg at work. I love getting to speak to experienced script supervisors and their assistants to find out how they work and what techniques they have found most effective.

I enjoy script supervising because I can sit at the heart of the storytelling process, supporting the director, the cast and the rest of the team. Yes, details must match from frame to frame and scene to scene and we must give the editor useful information, but from the audience's perspective, how is the story taking shape? What do they experience? Getting to grips with these questions and bringing the script to life is highly satisfying to me. 




Classics - BA - University of Oxford

Oct 2008 - Jun 2012


  • Administration
  • Freelance
  • script supervisors