Vivienne West

Vivienne West

Professional Dancer ~ Choreographer ~ Award Winning Short Film Director & Writer

  • Location: South East London
  • Career stage: Experienced
  • Freelancer: Available

My name is Vivienne West, with no know relation as of yet to world renowned fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Although, there's still time.

I am from South East London.

Being down to earth is fundamental to me, no matter who you are, where you are from, being human is all I ask and want from the world. In this case, you can bet on complete professionalism, polite manners, a hard worker and a complete obsessor in all things original and unique.

I am a professional dancer, aged 23 with 20 years of professional training and knowledge. Growing up in a heavily creative world mixing focus of fashion, film, dance and theatre I had no choice really, but it does help that my absolute passions shine through my appearance, work and general way of life. 
Currently, dance work is of a full time nature yet my two fiery loves of dance and film have always been side by side. It’s a balancing act but what a balancing act to have.

At present, I am working with Kerry Nicholls Dance & soon to be commissioning my choreographic work at Middlesex University in the new year. 

Recently my Channel 4 Random Act ‘Kitchen Sink’ won the Innovation Award at the Cinemagic Film Festival 2017 in Belfast. Pease find below the film’s synopsis & I hope it provides intrigue.....

Domestic vs wild, plot vs deconstruction, human vs animal, diverse vs norm. Unsure intensity and initial intrigue clouds a kitchen sink drama with very diverse and obscure occupants. These clashes drive Kitchen Sink’s ambition to question and challenge what we see, hear, accept, reject and ultimately understand about those like and unlike ourselves. Kitchen Sink provides four examples of functioning, yet continually warping, lives. The family represent trapped evolution. A time when human biology decided to take a few detours and shortcuts, leaving the remains of animalistic features scattered amongst our families four bodies. The film offers a unique family observation with beguiling highlights and positive wonder. Whilst uncertainty is welcomed here, it is never announced, only softly delivered to the audiences' pondering mind. The film is an all encompassing portal where the bizarre and beautiful seduction of our everyday activities become extraordinary through the eyes of trapped evolution. The film places essential value in a unique cast, but significantly addresses our frightening need and ability to categorise beings and behaviours in the very first place. Such division is unnecessary and in my view unnatural. Thus, the mother film strives to confront our perception of human model behaviour and appearance. Why the perpetual push into this unrealistic air of being totally comfortable in ones skin. It is messily stunning and charming when confronted with four examples of life who are constantly evolving in mind, unusually in physical body but predominantly reacting to life as a family.



Dance - First Class Honours BA (Hons) Theatre Dance - London Studio Centre

Oct 2012 - Jul 2015

Dance - First - Laban (Centre for Advanced Training)

Sep 2006 - Jul 2011