Gavin Vaughan

Gavin Vaughan

  • Location: Hartlepool, Hartlepool, UK
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available

I am textiles and accessories designer, my love of the macabre; the occult and haute couture fashion Is what inspires me to create my work.  

I specialise in embroidery, I use tambour and gold work mainly as they are quick techniques and create the most stunning work. 

My work is always pushing the boundaries of materials, techniques and concepts; such as embroidery with taxidermy  or using slime as an embellishment. I also use modern techunques such as laser cuttting to create my own lace designs,  

I always want the audience of my work to question the practicality and the purpose for the accessories and also how much they wish they could put them on.

The Mask collection in my portfolio, is based around fetishism and encasement.  I ecnased the face in materials such as leather, beetle wings and beading.   These materials helped created a new face shape  aswell as hiding identity. 

I was the winner of the Hiive remix 2 competition, in which I created a tattoo inspired Tudor sleeve. This was an amazing opportunity and challenging to create a piece of work in less than 10 days.

 In March I will be visiting Chernobyl and on my return I will be working with a group of artist and designers in creating pieces for an exhibition later in the year.