Andrew Maddock

Andrew Maddock

  • Location: london

Upcoming Stuff:

27th Sept - Oct 15th - The We Plays - The Hope Theatre

I am a writer/actor/director/all round creative from London. I suppose my biggest achievement thus far has been my one man show 'The Me Plays' which played at The Old Red Lion, Angel in September 2014 for which I was honoured to recieve two Off West-End nominations (Best Actor & TBC Award for genre defying theatre)

I'm committed to expanding and developing further 'Me Plays' which included two short runs of my 3rd show 'Cyprus Sunsets' as part of the First 2015 season at The Tristan Bates Theatre and subsequently a week long run at The New Wimbledon Studios as part of the 2015 Illuminate Festival.

My play In/Out (A Feeling) concerning the subject of Human Trafficking and attitudes towards the UK's sex trade was produced for a 3 week run in January 2016 at The Hope Theatre.

My spiritual sequel to 'The Me Plays' titled 'The We Plays' was presented at The Hope Theatre in September/October 2016 for a 3 week run, the two shows were 'Cyprus Sunsets' following its development in 2015 and a new piece 'Irn Pru' the first Me play to feature a female protagonist.

My next full-length play HE(ART) will be on for 3 weeks at Theatre N16 in Balham in January 2017 following its development with Lincoln University and a one-night run at the Paines Plough Roundabout in Summer 2016.

I enjoy working with young people and believe in the power drama has to help young people realise their potential through it. I have worked for The National Youth Theatre and am a founding member of Generation Arts working on various accredited courses, I am very proud of the work I've done in this area and have seen many young people progress into higher education which is a wonderful thing to witness. Please check out their work and support them by visiting

Always looking for inspiration/collaboration and all sorts of good stuff, so feel free to add me and get in touch!!!!

What other people have said to be nice:

'Beautifully written and performed, and highly recommended.' 

'category defining theatre from a man who is doing a great job of taking contemporary theatre by the horns, challenging it, and ultimately making it better.'

'Andrew Maddock has a very naturalistic pen, all the more impressive for the deep wells of meaning, metaphor, past and future that lay swirling beneath the sentences.'

'The rhythm of Maddock’s words tumble in a mellifluous fashion, chiming with humour and heart, joy and tears. He has much in common with contemporaries Thomas Pickles and Ben Moor: likeminded wordsmiths who create a singular, compelling universe. This work signposts a wonderful new talent on the theatre stage.'

'The decision to write in verse pays off as Maddock has a strong command of his text, the rhythms of it, the shape of it.'