Chantelle Dusette

Chantelle Dusette


  • Location: London
  • Freelancer: Available

I'm a trained actor, having studied at The Academy drama School in London. I started to write a couple of years after graduation, so 2006, and began my journey on becomming a playwright.  I've had 4 plays staged, most recently this year at The Hope Theatre CANCEL THE SUNSHINE a play on mental health that was able to support the Amy Winehouse Foundation ( and as a consequence have won contracts with the NHS and Kings College to deliver the play to employees to help facilitate difficult conversations around mental health.  

In the process of putting on the play I set up a production company FOUNT PRODUCTIONS to ''create innovative pieces of work that illuminate and captivate people’s imaginations – challenge both stagnant and contemporary ideals – change perceptions and widen points of view. Telling stories that need to be told.''  I'm particularly interested in writing about the human condition, I believe art has a strong place in society and it is through sharing stories with each other that we are able to have the most impact to bring about understanding.  

I have set up 'The Collective Artists of London' with fellow writer and performer Lauren Silver, we have created a community of artists that is growing and meets monthly, the aim of The Collectve is to support artists across all platforms journey through their creative process.  It felt like something that was needed, and I / we did not want to focus on just one group.  We are passionate about supporting artists to help them flourish and have created a safe environment to do just that and it seems to be an incredibly rewarding process for all who attend. 

I am represented by Peter Macfarlane at MacFarlane Chard.