Alex James

Alex James

  • Location: Preston

I am a huge coffee,cheese and chocolate enthusiast.

I applied for a journalism course at UCLan as I am interested the practice of investigating and reporting events, issues and trends to mass audiences also broadcast and online media such as newspapers, magazines and books, radio and television stations and networks. However to me, being a journalist is much more than just writing for a newspaper or magazine.

I write novels in my spare time as writing is something I am passionate about. I worked at a sales company during this job I gained good communication skills I also learnt how to think on the spot. As well as that I learnt how to work well in an office environment and became very articulate.

During my five years of high school I played rugby league in that time I made new friends that were completely different from myself although we all clicked really well. Rugby taught me good sportsmanship and gave me the ability to act with dignity in a win or lose situation; Playing rugby league also gave me teamwork skills. I also took part in a rugby union tournament which latest three weeks I did this as I enjoy trying new things even if it scared me it also gave me versatility and a chance to meet new people.

My passion within journalism is much more than just writing the articles, I take great interest in researching the target audience and profile, by using primary research such as interviews and questionnaires I can create more accurate and interesting articles which will use quotes and are easily referenced. Utilizing all the information from my research I can trigger different emotions in people and make people think differently.

Being a journalist means being socially, legally and ethically aware. I am enthusiastic about writing as I said not only to inform but to educate. From a young age I have enjoyed studying English as you learn about how to put your point across directly and fairly you also get to understand the basics of journalism however I want to find out more and develop skills that I already have.