Olly Wyatt

Olly Wyatt


  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Career stage: Experienced
  • Freelancer: Available Soon

I began composing music when I was 14 then studied English and Philosophy at Nottingham University. Moving to Liverpool to study film I was selected for Screen Yorkshire's UK Film Development scheme.

Up in Edinburgh I researched my novel The Democrat and most recently work across in Glasgow as part of the Tron 100 Club where I'm creating my own plays (Red and The Night Shift) as well as learning from industry professionals through their masterclass programme.

My portfolio includes 11 screenplays, 5 stage plays, 4 radio plays, a musical and a historical novel, with many other projects outlined, I'm also directing for the first time in October.

Please email ollywyatt(at)gmail.com as I rarely check the hiive inbox.


  • Composition
  • Scriptwriting
  • Musical Theatre
  • Theatre