Dyonne  Josiah

Dyonne Josiah

Actor, childrens author , founder of a creative company

  • Location: london
  • Career stage: Experienced

Dyonne Josiah started performing from the early age of 3 years starting with African dance then moving on to other forms of dance when she got older.
At the tender age of 13 Dyonne’s Mother signed her up to theatre classes to help her with her confidence, she became a member of Hackney Shed theatre and was a member until she was 18 then became a practionner for the company for the next year.
Whilst Dyonne was at Hackney shed she realised her love for acting and joined on to Hardnock productions, WAC Arts College, Identity drama school, the write network and MeWe arts.
In August 2009 Dyonne had the opportunity to be involved with a new theatre company Hearty productions where she had one of the main roles in their musical “Hey Sister” performed at the Edinburgh fringe festival.
Dyonne has performed in over 20 productions around London, U.K and Europe.
When Dyonne was 16 years old she discovered she is dyslexic and realised her struggle with reading and writing was more than her feeling she was stupid she just had a different way of understanding. Instead of letting her dyslexia take over her life she decided to prove to herself that she could write so she went to a few writing classes to start her off. Dyonne wrote poems and stories as a hobby and a way to release all of the madness that was going in her head. At the age of 24 Dyonne decided to write children’s stories and started to take her work seriously after the praises she would get from her family and friends especially her mum.
In December 2015 Dyonne had an idea to create her own theatre company combining her love for acting and writing, she felt that as an actor she found it tough for actors to have regular work so she decided why not create her own getting likeminded actors, writers and performers to band together and create their own work and perform it to the general public on a regular basis and get paid for their craft.
Dyonne has also set up community classes for anyone who wants to act professionally or just take classes as a hobby, these classes run on a weekly basis.
Dyonne plans to collaborate with dancers, new authors, singers and musicians in the future.