Emer Heatley

Emer Heatley

Writer, Actor, Theatre Maker

  • Location: Bath / Dublin
  • Career stage: Entry

I'm an experienced actor, writer and director. Most recently I co-devised a show about internet relationships in The Samuel Beckett Theatre in Dublin entitled 'CAMGIRL'.

Currently I'm rehearsing my reinterpretation of 'The Secret Garden' which has been invited to attend this year's Irish Student Drama Association Festival in Galway.

I have "Twitter" and can sort of use it:  https://twitter.com/emerheat

I occasionally write a music blog: https://dontstopthebop.wordpress.com/

I'm currently reworking a show for this year's Edinburgh Fringe with my pals The Fast Food Collective, we've also been commisioned to create a piece for Body & Soul Festival in Ireland. Our very-much-in-development website's here:  http://fastfoodcollective.weebly.com/about.html

Apparently I'm graduating soon... whatever that means!