Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter

  • Location: Leeds

My name is Michael Hunter, I am from Leeds and the media is the only industry I have ever wanted to work in. But I bet everyone says that don't they?

My love for this beautiful industry first came when I was watching The Generation Game with my grandparents (I'm 23 and not 80 I promise). Sir Brucie might not be the first person you'd think a 23 year old would consider a telly hero, but I saw the way he worked the camera, worked with the people around him and the audience so naturally, I just wanted to be in front of the camera and behind a microphone.

Since then my passion has grown and grown to where it is today. At Lancaster University I was a presenter and producer in the student radio station Bailrigg FM. In my three years there I presented and produced live on every kind of radio show imaginable. A 2 hour drive time zoo-format show, a weekly quiz show,a breakfast news show, a campus news show, a music show that looked at different styles each week, and also several live events including the varsity Opening Ceremony a 24 hour broadcast for Children in Need that I co-presented the entirety of. My work with Bailrigg helped me grow not only just as a performer, but also as a person as well.

Since leaving university I didn't want to lose the media influence I had going so I applied for a job at Bauer's city network station Radio Aire in Leeds on their Promotions Team and also signed up for the brilliant Bauer Academy, where I have learned from some of the radio industry's best presenters and producers at Radio Aire in Leeds, Radio City in Liverpool and KISS FM in London.

I have done my fair amount of learning how this industry works and how to better myself to become the TV and radio talent I want to be. I also know that there is a lot of learning to be done, a lot more challenges to face and a lot more of this industry to delve into. And I welcome that with open arms. I want to find out more about TV, about radio, about production, about presenting, about voiceover work, about everything I can possibly find something out that will make me better at this.

Work History

Student - Bauer Academy

Jan 2015 - Present


English Language - BA Hons - Lancaster University

Oct 2011 - Jun 2015


  • Content Creation
  • Creativity
  • Live Events
  • Presenting
  • Radio