Alexander Palmer

Alexander Palmer

Artistic director of Riptide

  • Location: Leeds
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available

Alexander has worked with both Punchdrunk (The Drowned Man, 2013) and BAFTA-nominated You Me Bum Bum Train (2012). Riptide's Artistic Director, has gone on to produced a number of other performances ranging from large scale immersive performances ('The Dream' (2013)), to smaller, intimate pieces such as 'Behind Closed Doors' (2011) and 'Travel/Lodge' (2012).

He has also collaborated with exciting professionals such as Lord Whitney, directing 'The Wood Beneath The World' (2014) and David Shearing, assisting on 'The Weather Machine' (2015).


  • Assistant Directing
  • Directing
  • Live Performance
  • Producing
  • Theatre