ryan scott

ryan scott

  • Location: COUNTY DURHAM
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available

I am really eager to get into the radio industry as it has been a very important factor in my life so far, i am a massive fan of music, i have great taste but i'm a fan of all the classic stuff such as 70's and 80's rock bands such as Queen and Bon Jovi etc and also single acts such as bryan adams etc, if i were to have my own show i don't think that the modern generation will like the music that is played but i can learn to like and play more of the modern stuff. I don't know why but the classic music to me is the real deal, i love it and i hope to play some of it across the region/country. i have met people from the radio industry and taken in lots of advice and facts, i've met metro radio's very own flashing blade (Alan Robson) who hosts the nightowls programme and has done for over 30 years, he is great, me and him get along really well and he has been very supportive over the years i have called into the show. i also have had a night seshion at metro radio from 10-2am and sat and watched behind the scenes as the nightowls programme was live on the air, i was shown how to use some of the crucial equipment and it really was a night that i will never forget, i wish to at somepoint be on a radio station that generally plays the music i like but if there is no options available then i will look elsewhere.