Two Girls One Mooncup

Two Girls One Mooncup

  • Location: London
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available Soon

Introducing Two Girls One Mooncup:

Our nannies raised us to believe that we could be anything – our mothers told us that we had faces for radio. This balanced upbringing has taught us to dream big, and to compensate for chronic low self-esteem with humour.

We’re just two girls, in a post-Brexit world, trying to prove to our mothers that we don’t have to marry rich to succeed. Not on principle, but due to lack of offers.

After floundering in the desolate millennial wasteland for years, bemoaning life’s general lack of meaning, the price of Prosecco rising and how many consecutive days it is acceptable to wear the same bra for (a fortnight, max) – two lifelong friends came together, to make their parents proud, by writing comedy sketches about their vaginas.

Anna Roche studied English Literature at Manchester for two years, before making the 'strategic' decision to leave - to follow her dream, of being her parents’ biggest disappointment. (Also due to medical reasons.) After flirting with the notion of herself as ‘an important writer’ and working on her alcohol tolerance for a year or so, she found her way to The Theatre in an almost Dickensian turn of events - and worked as the ASM on two Fringe Theatre productions. Her passion for theatre was marred only by her rivaling passion for attention – which she failed to find from the wings. After deducing that she was in possession of very few genuine life skills, but an abundance of self-proclaimed ‘profound’ ideas and opinions, she turned to her good friend Elle, after a few drinks, to make her ‘comic vision’ a reality. Elle has a restraining order pending.

Elle Daniel hasn’t a clue what Anna is talking about. Her mother told her she was beautiful and extraordinarily talented every day of her childhood, her father on the other hand, did quite the opposite, with a plethora of well-intended but also catastrophic put downs. This varied upbringing resulted in a complex ego and an unhealthy need to be loved by all, ergo she was destined to become a performer. With a background in music, Elle studied Musical Theatre at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, but soon realized that her almost clinical inability to take herself seriously did not lend itself all too well to that cut-throat stagey world, so she opted to bring her musicality to comedy instead. How well this will work out for her, only time will tell. Anna, all too happy to bring her own musical clout to the table, would like to add that she can finally prove her mother wrong, and that her piano lessons did in fact pay off.

What we might lack in experience we more than make up for in hubris and profanity. Also, being fairly desperate (and having worked in theatre) – we know how to polish a turd, on a budget.