Audun Åse

Audun Åse

FX Artist @ The Mill

  • Location: London
  • Career stage: Early


INT. Tiny Apartment - Sunset

A young MAN is sitting at his desk enthusiastically clicking away on his keyboard. This is Audun, 23. Stripes of warm light shimmer into the room from his half covered blinds. Empty coffee mugs are scattered around his highly occupied desk. There are two posters on the walls. One of a colourful blocky world. On a shelf underneath the other poster sits Kermit the frog, glaring.

Audun leans back with his hands crossed behind his head. He sighs and grabs a mug and takes a sip. Wince. It's cold. He puts the mug down and looks out the window. There's a loading bar on the screen with the words "Rendering 28%". It is slowly increasing. 

Work History

Cashier - Joker Enebakk

May 2012 - Sep 2013

3rd company, Gardist - His Majesty The Kings Guard

Oct 2010 - Sep 2011


Computer Animation and Visual Effects - BA(Hons) 1:1 - Teesside University

Sep 2013 - May 2014

3D Film Production - Bachelor's degree - Noroff

Aug 2012 - Jul 2013