Fashion/Costume designer

  • Location: London
  • Career stage: Early

I graduated for EASD Valencia “Fashion design Superior School of Art Design in Valencia”. Having previous experience in the process and making of costume for fashion design, opera and film.

Among my duties I did the studying, researching, designing and making of garments and clothing for the characters chosen by the director of the play. I also hold good notions of fashion design by collaboration with a photography and video company doing advertising and fashion works.

I have done my internship with designer Francis Montesinos, a very well known designer in Valencia, Spain and Europe. I acquired my first knowledge of how to work within a team, realizing the efort and coordination leading to a full fashion collection.

I collaborated in the making of a short film of suspense as a Script, I had a great interest and attention to the operation of all specialties involved teamwork in the shooting.

I currently have a medium level of spoken and written English, However, I study every day to improve my language skills as soon as possible in order to achieve a perfect understanding in my work.

I’ve applied to fashion design competitions for cinema and commercial fashion, you can see those works in the portfolio attached to this letter. I have also made proposals for graphic design competitions in the section of posters and have been selected as a winner in a design competition for the city of Valencia.

I have made an introductory course in German by self-interest and I speak and write with a native level Spanish and Catalan. I’ve always maintained good teamwork, because good coordination, understanding, respect and
interest among others is needed to get an excellent result. I am not only interested in working in the costume design sector but also in any activities such as styling, hairdressing, graphic... therefore I would love to join your team of professionals in any of those disciplines.

Work History

Stylist - Smashing Films

Jun 2016 - Jun 2016

Fashion Designer - Francis Montesinos S.L

Jan 2015 - May 2015


Fashion design - - - EASD VALÈNCIA

Sep 2010 - Jul 2016