Opal- Jade  Trevor

Opal- Jade Trevor

Graduate Dance student

  • Location: Manchester
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available

Hello my name is Opal- Jade Trevor, I am 22 years old, and in my final year at Salford University studying Dance. I am based in Manchester, however from June 2017 I will be based in the West midlands after graudating from my degree. I am trained in Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz and Commerial and Street holding qualifications for each of these styles including: Btec, A levels, BA hons Degree and UKA certificates. I also have experience in Pole, Aerial, Tango, Salsa, Bollywood and Tap. I have a background in Performing Arts, including Singing and Acting as well as physcial Theatre.

A project I have been working on recently is a Dance piece, based on how social media is affecting youth's identity in todays society, this has had a big impact on myself, therefore my piece is based on awareness of how each person is becoming into a clone growing up into a Digital world. I feel this is an experience every individual is going through in today's society but why, why are we not doing something about this. I want to develop my piece, I have applied for Meraki collective in June 2017 growing further as an artist and choreographer in connection with Manchester Arts council as I feel my work can stop the generation turning Digital.

Once graduated I am going to work part- time with Roam Dance where I will be a choroegrapher for this company, While working here I tend to extend my knowledge and travel as an Artist to Asia, exploring different parts of this country, I will be working with a company called 'AV', where I will be teaching Dance, a variety of sports and English to less fortunate children based in Asia who can not afford Education,this will be voluntary. My development of an artist will be based over Summer, exploring and developing my knowledge, physically and intellectually, before returning to the UK in September to start a PGCE teaching Dance. 

While being part of the Arts industry I have learnt a combination of skills including: Discaplin, team work, Time- management, confidence and self - belief as an artist and teacher including creativity and knowledge of how to be the most successful in this demanding industry, which I feel I can be as a Teacher and Performance Artist. 

I am Interested in Collaboration with different styled Artists and company's, including teaching workshops and classes, while developing my project 'IDENTITY' I will be also looking for performers to be part of my project starting from June 2017, if being accepted from the Arts council. 


Feel free to contact myself via: on here, twitter (Opaltrevor), Facebook (Opal- Jade trevor) or on my work email : Optrevor@hotmail.co.uk 



  • Acting
  • choreography
  • Management
  • activity instructor
  • dance teacher
  • dancing
  • fitness
  • Good Listener
  • happy
  • instuctor
  • sales assistant
  • Singing
  • teacher
  • Volunteering