Mark Veltman

Mark Veltman

Executive Producer

  • Location: Wiesbaden, Germany (To work in London)
  • Career stage: Expert
  • Freelancer: Available Soon

I always ensures that all original content created is executed and produced of the highest standard. Overseeing Production for several companies, I ensure that budgets are kept in line, whilst ensuring that the creative teams vision is seen on screen.

For over a decade I has worked across all genre’s of production since graduating cum laude with an Honours Degree in Film Producing.

My CV boasts accolades ranging from producing campaigns and commercials for Keith Rose, who was recently inducted to the Clio Hall of Fame and honoured by Shots as one of the top 100 creative minds of all time, to managing the Sony Studios Hollywood action movie Sniper Reloaded.

I have produced several of South Africa’s largest television formats including The Voice Angola, The Voice South Africa, The Voice Afrique Francophone, four seasons of Survivor South Africa, Fear Factor SA, Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Emmy Award Nominated Masterchef SA and Masterchef Celebrity SA. I have also created several formats that have been sold worldwide including Kokkedoor (9 Territories), Wild Animal Orphans (Discovery USA, Asia, UK, IMEA), Saktyd (Sub Saharan Africa), Koekedoor (South Africa), Food, Booze and Tattoo’s (Worldwide).

My understanding and experience of both large and small budgets across all genres puts me as one of the leading Producer’s of television in South Africa.  At the beginning of this year I moved and settled in Germany as i got married - but I am wanting to work in the UK from the beginning of the 2017 as i feel its a market I understand and relate to. 



  • Budgeting
  • Content Creation
  • Management
  • Production and Distribution