maria  panoutsou

maria panoutsou


  • Location: Kea island Cyclades Greece
  • Career stage: Expert
  • Freelancer: Available

Maria Panoutsou is a poet, writer,  actress, theatre director,  from Greece, born in Athens. She lives and works in Athens, London and Kea Island. She has travelled a lot, with her studies and work in dance and theatre: Iraq, England, Georgia, Romania, Cyprus, Scotland, France, Poland, Nederland, Germany, Egypt, South Africa. She dedicated her self to the education and research in theatre and stage movement.

Her work includes Ancient Greek Drama and Theater Documentary.
From 1995 to 2005 she presents five adaptation of Antigone by Sophocles, a project in Progress. Τhe Story with an Ending ( 1996-2001) an adaptation to D.Michlakea short story-documentary, Editions Agra (Athens Greece) on Greek Civil war. At the moment she prepares the trilogy on three women, symbols of Ancient Greek Drama, the persona of Antigone, Cassandra, Hecuba, for 2012. House of Flesh ( 2007-2011) by Yussuf Idris, a project in progress on Arabic culture will be present November 2011. She directs Tomee Theatre Company and the Kea Center For Contemporary Arts.

Her influences: From Poor theatre of Grotowski, Romantisme , Expressionism, Classical ballet, Butoh, Russian Theatre, Ancient Greek Drama. Heraclitus philosophy, Orthodox tradition, The Greek photographers of 1930 -1960. Her paintings ,poetry, clay constrictions, are part of the theatre process. She collects her writings, based on her notes, on the relation between Ancient Greek Drama and the contemporary audience.

From 1980 that she was admit to study in Lab Grotowski in Poland until her presentation in International Festivals with her work, from the Vienna Theatre Centre , Teaching in Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities, teaching in Utrecht Academy of Arts and in Xenakis Ιinstitute of Music in Athens and from the Greek theatrologists workshops, on Ancient Greek Drama to the Tbilisi Interactional theatre festival workshops and her research in Ancient Greek dramα as well as her interest in solo performances and monologues, Maria Panoutsou from the very beginning, uses the body as the main instrument for theatre process.

Her back ground is dance and music studies and theatre comes later together with voice studies, the approach of painting, clay art, photography and film studies. Empty spaces surround her performances where she creates with bodies and lights, theatre environments.

In 1982, she founded with the painter and sculpture D. Palma Tomee Theatre Company, a no profit Company of Theatre research and education. With this first production of the show PENTAPTYCHON, a patchwork of modern Greek plays, directed by Maria Panoutsou, the show was honoured by the 8th Festival of Ithaca, the public and the critics, with the following awards:Best performance, Best presenting of modern Greek play Best Director Award for Maria Panoutsou ,first female role, and praise for male Actor and award for the text of the performance.


Her present projects are:

WHITE LIGHT ".. a show on the secrets of life . 2015 - 2016



querer, why not be happy? THEATE PRODUCTION 2015-2016 (PREPARING )


House of Flesh- Yussuf Idris. 2012

Performances through Decades. 1992 -2016

A story with an ending. 1992 2002 and agai 2015-16
‘Portraits of artist’ host by Kea Center for contemporary arts. SUMMER 2016