Daniel Hughes

Daniel Hughes

Graphic Designer

  • Location: Scotland
  • Career stage: Experienced

Let's us work together to solve problems visually!

Daniel is a creative and a critical thinker.
He enjoy taking on exciting new challenges and experiences as they arise, with a focus to conquer difficult problems by solving them visually.

With his education and commercial experience he covers the full design process. Having worked on branding and branding plans, working within advertising campaigns, print process, multimedia design and leading design focused projects, he has gained valuable commercial insight into providing quality work with tight deadlines.

Daniel has had experience liaison with other designers, interpretation planners, marketing consultants and cooperating with a range of people to fulfil briefs as well as working on solo projects. This has lead Daniel to have a well rounded knowledge of working in fast passed multifaceted creative environments to create over all solutions.

(Skills graphic design, branding, branding & identity design, web graphics, digital publishing, print design, print, business card design & print)


  • Advertising
  • Branding and Brand Marketing
  • Commercial awareness
  • Digital content skills
  • Editing
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Graphic Design
  • Management and leadership
  • Negotiation skills
  • Networking
  • Pitching/presenting and proposal writing
  • Programming
  • Specific software skills