Beautiful Silk Scarves that put endangered animals first!

  • Location: London

At K&K LABS, we make beautiful silk scarves that put endangered animals first!

Our beautiful, luxurious silk scarves are designed with love, by us, for you.

Our mission is to create awareness to wildlife, endangered animals and nature through our silk scarves. This is why all our carefully hand-illustrated designs, one hundred percent feature at least one endangered animal or nature to keep with our mission of creating awareness through our wearable treasures.

Our promise, from day one, has always been to donate 10% of our net profit to an alternating chosen charity every year.

We believe the world is better off with the existence of animals, no matter how domestic or wild, and for that reason, we strive very much to do the little we can to keep animals and nature from becoming extinct and by owning one of our exclusive scarves, you can truly stand out and be an ambassador and an inspiration to the world!


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