Deadline Oct 17 , 2019

Workshop with the ScreenSkills standards team

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We are inviting industry professionals based in and around Glasgow, London, Belfast and Cardiff to participate in workshops to help us determine which skills and knowledge are required to work in camera, lighting, and sound recording and music technology jobs. This is your chance to participate.

ScreenSkills reviews and updates existing national occupational standards (NOS). NOS are statements of what someone needs ‘to do’ and ‘to know’ to perform a job role. These standards are used to underpin apprenticeships and help to guide the development of courses at all levels; as well as being a resource for industry to support recruitment and management activities across the UK.

We are currently looking at the standards for the following occupations: camera, lighting, and sound recording and music technology. We need help from industry professionals to determine which skills and knowledge a person needs to have to successfully work in these occupations.

Days left
Applications closed