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High-end TV Skills Fund Avid training funding

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The ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills Fund will award up to £800 of funding to tech ops and engineers working on high-end television productions or within facilities servicing high-end television productions to attend a course to master using Avid editing software.

Professionals can use the funding to participate in Avid Certified courses at beginner, intermediate or expert level across the UK.

  • A beginner course provides the foundational training required to achieve the credential of Avid Certified User. Participants will be able to use Avid editing systems with more confidence, creativity and efficiency.
  • An intermediate course teaches video editors, who understand the basics of editing tools, the fundamentals of creating effects within Avid editing systems. Editors will develop the skills needed to perform everything from simple colour corrections to creating a polished, multi-layer finished grade.
  • An advanced course enables participants to build a deeper understanding of the Avid software – covering editing and VFX audio mastering. Topics covered include advanced techniques to automate the ingest process, colour management, surround-sound mixing and advanced compositing techniques.

How to apply

In order to apply, you must register for a ScreenSkills account, including completing your diversity and inclusion information, and then click the 'Apply now' button on the top of this page. This button will take you to a GranstRequest portal requiring a login. This is not the same login as your ScreenSkills account.

If you have not previously applied for funding through GrantsRequest, you will need to register as a new applicant. This will allow you to save your application form and return to it at a later date, using your GrantsRequest login.

Freelancers interested in the training are eligible to apply for this funding. The ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills fund is also able to contribute 50% of training costs for the staff of post and VFX houses.

Applications for funding are open until 31 March 2020 but may close sooner if all funding has been allocated.

Days left
Applications closed