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High-end TV New Producers Programme

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The HETV New Producer Programme aims to increase and stimulate the HETV producers talent pool across the UK, while at the same time benefiting the whole of the UK high-end TV industry. The programme is supported by the High-end TV Skills Fund to enable the step-up of the next wave of HoD’s into producing high-end television.

“Losing in-house freelance producing talent, as a result of the HETV boom, shone a light on the need to sensibly progress senior level freelancers into producing, so we can future proof the industry, and support the volume of not just home grown drama, but inward investment shows as well." Sam Jukes-Adams 

What should the programme cover?
This is a paid High-end TV production-based placement programme with agreed on-screen credit of at least Co-Producer for those taking part.

The placement experience covers the following aspects of production:
• Financing
• Broadcaster / financier meetings / calls
• Budgeting and scheduling
• Casting
• HoD interviews
• Prep full time
• Shoot full time
• Post
• Final post – attendance of all key stages of final post and sign off procedure
• Publicity and key deliverables understanding
• International delivery
Candidates who complete their placement must be awarded a minimum on-screen credit of ‘CoProducer’ subject to broadcaster and/or financier approval.


The High-end TV Skill Fund will cover 2/3 of the placement costs up to a cap of £30k. The production budget must provide a minimum of a third of the placement costs, which can also include in-kind support. Funding will be released in milestone payments on completion of Prep, Production and Delivery of programme masters to international parties.

How to apply

The fund is open to all High-end TV Skills Fund paying production companies with a High-end Television production starting after 1 April 2019. We are not able to accept applications from individuals seeking a placement.

Criteria for the senior HoD grade candidates

Ten years’ minimum industry experience and a minimum of three consistent credits in a senior role within scripted Film or TV Production, and or Factual Production. Senior roles considered are Producer, Script Executive, Story Producer, Line Producer, Associate/Co-Producer, 1st AD, Location Manager, Factual Producer, Factual Series Producer, Factual EP, Factual Line Producer/Production Manager, Production Executive.

A minimum of three candidates per placement must be interviewed and details of the candidates presented as part of the application process, including their CVs. We can provide CVs of individuals seeking a placement if required. A training plan of how you will be supporting the candidates throughout the production to meet the candidates training requirements should be included in your application.

Placements must not begin before your application is approved. Please allow up to two weeks to hear the outcome of your application from ScreenSkills. If you are successful ScreenSkills will require the candidate to be available to ScreenSkills to complete a training evaluation at the end of the placement. We would also request candidates to engage with any marketing or organised events to showcase the successes of the programme.

We would like to make applicants aware that the programme will close when all the funding has been allocated to the programme.

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Days left
Applications closed