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Mentoring is a partnership where a more experienced mentor shares their knowledge and expertise with a less experienced mentee. The mentee is encouraged, challenged and supported by the mentor to learn and grow. If you are interested in becoming a mentor yourself please click here.

We are running a ScreenSkills Mentoring Network. The ScreenSkills Mentoring Network will run across all sectors of the screen industry and across the UK. It is aimed at:

  • New entrants
  • Those who want to progress within or across the industry
  • Those who want to return after a break

If you are interested in being part of the mentoring scheme as a mentee, we want to hear from you!

Our current intake of mentees will focus on those working in the screen industry in regions outside of London.

We are currently finding mentoring matches for those from our second intake, which focused on mentees who are returning to the screen industries after a break from working - for example, returning from parental leave, caring responsibilities or long term illness.

Our first intake, focused on those from minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, have now been matched with mentors. 

We are however welcome to anyone registering interest in becoming a mentee at any time. We may not be able to match you straight away, but we will do our best to match everyone who registers interest.

Once you register your interest we will send you quarterly communications relating to development and mentoring. We will also update you on the next phased intakes of mentees and we are exploring the possibility of running occasional webinars. Once you are matched you will be offered guidance and support to ensure you are able to get the best from mentoring. We will also ask you to sign a mentoring agreement and we will share with you the code of conduct.

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How to apply

As a mentee, you can register your interest at any time. To register your interest, all you need to do is:

  •  Create a ScreenSkills profile. Please follow this link to do so.
  • Click the ‘Register to find a mentor’ button above to complete a short form

There will be phased targeted roll outs focusing on, for example, an under-represented group, a skills gap, stage of career etc. as identified by BFI and ScreenSkills research. These will form part of the eligibility criteria as well as where mentoring can make the most impact and is the right activity for your development needs.

It is therefore important that you tell us as much as possible about yourself when you register your interest and what you are looking from the mentoring partnership. Where the information you tell us when you register meets the criteria, there may be a delay before we are able to make a suitable match based on the focus of the next intake of mentees. The project runs to March 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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