Deadline Dec 09 , 2018

Film and High-end TV Trainee Finder 2019/20

  • Owner: ScreenSkills
  • Location: Nationwide
  • Age: 18+
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*In response to overwhelming requests for more time, we have extended the deadline until midnight Sunday 9 December.*

Since its launch, ScreenSkill’s Trainee Finder has helped place trainees on feature films and high-end TV shows across the UK. Click here to apply for Trainee Finder. You must be logged in to a ScreenSkills account to apply - if you do not already have a ScreenSkills account you can register here.

This winter, Trainee Finder is recruiting for its 2019-20 intake of trainees, offering paid opportunities for work placements across the UK in either film or high-end TV drama - applicants cannot apply for both schemes.

Film Trainee Finder is looking for trainees who are passionate about a career in the following departments and grades: art department, assistant director, camera, costume, edit, hair and make-up, locations, production accountants, production office (suitable for aspiring production managers), production sound (location) and video assist departments.

High-end TV Trainee Finder is seeking trainees, in the following departments and grades: art department, camera, costume, post-production (editorial), floor runner, hair and make-up, locations, sound (location) and production office runners who are committed to building a career in high-end TV drama.

How to apply

Click here to apply for Trainee Finder. You must be logged in to a ScreenSkills account to apply - if you do not already have a ScreenSkills account you can register here.

We are looking for talented individuals from across the UK who have less than 12 months of paid experience in their chosen department. You must be able to clearly demonstrate a passion and commitment for working in film or high-end TV by providing evidence of production set experience or department specific skills or suitable transferable skills for your selected department. You must be able to provide two references.

We welcome applications from individuals who have attended ScreenSkills funded boot camps and events, such as Open Doors, as well as partner schemes such as the BFI Film Academy.

Trainee Finder seeks to ensure inclusivity in the film and high-end TV drama workforce. ScreenSkills is committed to diversity and equality of opportunity in all aspects of its work.

  • In 2017/18, candidates selected for Film Trainee Finder were 66% women, 60% from outside London and 20% black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME).
  • In 2017/18, candidates selected for High-end TV Trainee Finder were 79% women, 67% from outside London and 20% black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME).

We particularly welcome applications from under-represented groups.

Applicants must

  • Live in the UK and have evidence of the right to work in the UK
  • Have fewer than 12 months, relevant, paid experience in their chosen department and genre
  • Make yourself available for placements offered to you during your time on the program
  • Be open and flexible to consider opportunities across the UK
  • Demonstrate an interest in and commitment to the department you select
  • Ideally be able to drive or at least passed your theory test.

Please note

  • You do not need a university degree to apply
  • We welcome applicants who have transferable skills, for example from other creative sectors such as theatre, music, photography and commercial production, or from roles in other sectors such as business administration, event management, or salon styling for make-up and hair who have some relevant industry experience
  • If in full-time education at the time of applying, you must have graduated from your course by 1 April 2019
  • Any training will be subject to providing evidence of your right to remain in the UK. Failure to provide appropriate documentation may result in the training placement being withdrawn
  • All successful applicants must attend a mandatory two or three-day induction event in March in preparation for the scheme.

Reference letters
References can come from current and past employers, colleagues or a tutor or mentor, and where possible we ask if these can outline why they feel you might be a suitable and successful candidate for the role you are applying and demonstrate transferable skills. We recommend that references are no longer than one page of A4 at the very most. For each reference we would be keen to know from the referee:

  • A paragraph or sentence that explains how they know you e.g is are they a colleague, employer or former employer?
  • How long has the referee known you?
  • Having looked at the trainee role that you are applying for, what are the qualities, characteristics and capabilities they feel are important to highlight to us in regards of your ability to succeed as a Trainee Finder trainee?
  • Any other supporting examples of your skills/accomplishments /work which demonstrates that you are suitable for the scheme

If you cannot provide written letters, please submit the name and contact details of each of your referees and we will follow these up should you reach interview stage.


Cei Frampton, ScreenSkills sound trainee on Ready Player One and Wonder Woman said: "You learn so much by being on set working alongside industry professionals. This first-hand experience has been invaluable to my development. It felt like I was part of the crew, part of the team and I've learnt more in the last year than I did at university. One of the highlights was finding myself doing some booming while standing right next to Steven Spielberg."

Rosa Nolan Warren, ScreenSkills art department trainee on Stan Lee's Lucky Man said: "Getting on Trainee Finder for high-end TV was like giving me a key to a locked door, it’s brought momentum and focus to my career, my placement has taught me so many things that I can take forward and the support of everyone at ScreenSkills has given me a new confidence. While my placement has given me specific art department skills, the training offered by ScreenSkills has equipped me with really valuable industry skills... It’s been the perfect springboard and it’s only up from here!”

By becoming a part of either Film Trainee Finder or High-end TV Trainee Finder, you will become part of an industry recognised group of trainees, receiving exclusive access to paid training placements on some of the most exciting films or high-end TV dramas being shot in the UK. Whilst on production, you will be supported by a supervisor within your department, learn and develop your craft through on the job training, and gain important contacts to help you find future work.

Alongside placements, all trainees are required to attend short course training which could include Health and Safety, Finance for Freelancers, First Aid, Branding and Networking, Industry Masterclasses, Carbon Literacy and one-to-one support.

Productions we have worked with include Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Mamma Mia 2, God's Own Country, Peterloo, Stan and Ollie, and Lady Macbeth, and high-end TV dramas Bodyguard, No Offence, A Very English Scandal, Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones and Outlander. Trainees have also been placed on children's TV shows such as Millie Inbetween and Class Dismissed.

Please note that once accepted on to Trainee Finder, placements are not guaranteed, and you must ensure your CV and ScreenSkills profile are kept up to date and remain in contact with the Trainee Finder team about your availability. We will strive to help you and put you forward for any placements you express interest in, but it is the decision of the production which trainees are selected. We therefore urge that you remain proactive and continue to find your own work, and not rely solely on the scheme.

If you have any question about the application process, or are having difficultly applying, please contact us at:


The Trainee Finder team will shortlist applicants based on their application, ScreenSkills profile, and CV. Successful applicants will be invited to take part in an interview either face-to-face or over the phone with a member of the Trainee Finder team and a relevant industry professional. It is mandatory that successful applicants attend a two/three day induction event in March 2018 (details on dates and locations will be announced closer to the time).

If unsuccessful at getting to interview stage, please note that due to the volume of applications we receive, we will be unable to provide individual feedback.

We anticipate that all candidates who will be asked to attend an interview will be notified by Friday 15 February. All candidates will be notified of the success of their application by Friday 1 March.