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Directing your behavior: Anti-bullying and harassment workshop

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A one day workshop supporting directors to lead by example in anti-bullying and harassment.

After a successful pilot in London, Directors UK is relaunching the Directing Your Behaviour skills workshop in Leeds for Full and Associate members at the Emmerdale Studio Experience. As well as Leeds set to become the future HQ of Channel 4, Yorkshire has also been selected as the UK’s first regional centre of excellence for film and TV by Screenskills.

This one-day practical workshop supports directors to lead by example concerning behaviour within a leadership role. This is a workshop developed to introduce and engage directors in the recently published BFI/BAFTA industry guidelines on preventing bullying and harassment.

The aim of the Directors UK workshop is to establish key behaviours to build on or develop as a member of Directors UK that reflect professional leadership in promoting anti bullying and harassment behaviours in line with the BFI/BAFTA guidelines.

You will explore how to lead by example as a director in setting and managing positive behaviours. You will learn why we behave as we do, and how to change and manage our behaviour. We also explore how our behaviour influences others and the way in which we can better develop professional relationships by understanding and valuing differences.

During the event, we will cover:

  • The BFI / BAFTA guidelines
  • A step back to understand behaviour and self management
  • Directing people challenges
  • Moving forward

The session facilitator, Alec McPhedran, will introduce the participants to peer-to-peer coaching methods and help identify specific actions for change or building on positive behaviour. All participants will have access to coaching support via a telephone call or email for up to three months after the event. This is a great opportunity should you wish to discuss a specific scenario or situation following the event, in line with managing positive behaviour.

Alec McPhedran is the managing director of Skills Channel TV, a creative sector skills development company with an aim of helping people to achieve. He previously held senior strategic roles in learning and development with Channel 4, The Pearson Group, Financial Times Management, Henley Distance Learning and The Open College. He specialises in leadership, management, strategy and personal development in the creative sector. Clients include BAFTA, GBCT, BFI, BECTU, Creative England, BBC and a range of corporate clients.

Yorkshire has been chosen for the pilot of ScreenSkills’ Centre of Excellence initiative, building top-class skills capability and capacity outside of London and the South East.

How to apply

To apply please email with your CV and a short paragraph detailing your reasons for wanting to attend and what you hope to gain from this workshop. The deadline for applications is midday on Thursday 17 January. Numbers are limited but we hope to repeat this session in other regions throughout the UK.


Please note that workshop is for Director's UK members only.

Days left
Applications closed