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Apply for up to £1,000 to take a Skills Passport training course

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ScreenSkills provides bursaries to attend any courses that carry our Skills Passport quality mark. You can browse a full list of Skills Passport courses here:

If you are a freelancer who has been accepted or booked onto a Skills Passport course, you can apply for a bursary to support up to £1,000, or 80% of the training costs (whichever is smaller).

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You can demonstrate proven professional experience of working regularly in the UK screen industries. Dailies work is acceptable as long as it is on broadcast material and you have more than three credits. Trainee experience does not count. Work undertaken at film school or in education is also not considered suitable experience
  • You have been accepted on the training course(s) you want to attend, and the start date is no sooner than four weeks after the date you submit your application
  • You are able to demonstrate how the training you are applying for will benefit your career to progress within the high-end TV industry
  • The course you want to attend is a ScreenSkills Skills Passport quality-marked course
  • You have a permanent UK address
  • You are not in full-time education
  • You are applying as a freelancer and not on behalf of an organisation

The deadline for applications is 31 March 2019. However, these funds are in high demand and will close when all of the funds have been allocated, which may be before this date.

You may only apply for up to £1,000 of funding per financial year but you can apply for more than one course. The training course must start at least one day after your application is made – we cannot accept applications for training which has already begun.

How to apply

The ‘Apply’ button at the top of this page will take you to an online form. If this is your first ScreenSkills bursary application, you will have to make a Grants Request account by clicking ‘New applicant’ on this page. Please note that this Grants Request login is not the same as your ScreenSkills profile or login.

Before you start filling in the form, make sure you have the following information available:

  • The name of your chosen training course(s)
  • The name and address of the training provider
  • The cost of the training and any additional travel, accommodation and childcare costs
  • The dates of your training
  • Your CV ready to upload
  • Copy of your acceptance on the course and confirmation of the course costs ready to upload (either a company headed letter or email from the training provider)
  • Direct link to or copy of the course outline ready to upload

Once you have completed the application form and attached your supporting documents you must press the submit icon on your screen. Until you do this, your application has not been submitted to ScreenSkills to be assessed.


If your application is successful you will receive an offer email and letter outlining the offer and our terms and conditions (see below). You will know if your grant application has been successful within four weeks of the date your full application is received.

You must accept the offer within two weeks of the date of the email. This means signing the offer letter and returning it to us electronically with your bank details. We may also ask for proof of your address – this will be indicated in your offer letter. Any offers not accepted within two weeks will be withdrawn. ScreenSkills cannot release any funding until we receive your signed offer letter.

If you decide to attend training before receiving notification from ScreenSkills, ScreenSkills does not accept responsibility for funding your attendance should your bursary be declined or considered ineligible. Please bear in mind that to ensure equality of opportunity we cannot speed up the assessment process. If we offer you funding for training but you no longer wish to accept it, please let us know in writing.

How will my grant be paid?
Your funding will be paid directly into your personal bank account in two stages:

  • Stage 1: 50% of your grant will be paid to you on receipt of your signed offer letter
  • Stage 2: 50% of your award will be paid on receipt of your proof of expenditure (copies of receipts from your childcare, travel and accommodation costs) and confirmation from the training provider that you have completed the training

Please note that you are responsible for paying the training provider. ScreenSkills does not accept responsibility for transferring funds to training providers.

If your application is unsuccessful we will notify you by email. Please address any queries to:

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Applications closed