Deadline Jun 30 , 2019

3Dami Summer Studio 2019

  • Owner: 3Dami
  • Location: London
  • Age: 14-18
  • Days left
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3Dami is looking to recruit 27 students to run three 3D animation studios and create every part of a 3D film using Blender in just seven days. This free summer camp is open to students aged 14 to 18.

Onsite experts in 3D animated films help students to create their own Pixar-style film using the open source software Blender. 3Dami is looking for students that demonstrate enthusiasm and independent working by submitting a portfolio. 

3Dami is a non-profit organisation founded to promote digital art amongst pre-university students, by linking them with each other and industry. Its summer camps get groups of nine students to run their own studios and make their own short 3D animated film using Blender, experiencing every part of production, from scriptwriting through to première. 

How to apply

To take part in one of the 3Dami summer studios a student must submit a (small) portfolio. A portfolio is simply one or more works intended to represent students capabilities (artistic and/or technical). Portfolios are required to get jobs in the industry, so creating one is great practise as well as an invaluable learning experience. For 3Dami a portfolio proves to us that you are enthusiastic about coming, and also demonstrates that you have learnt the basics of the software we use.

We do require that portfolios include at least one work created with Blender, our software of choice. This is to ensure you arrive with some understanding of how to use it, so we can focus on the more advanced skills required to make a film. When multiple software packages have been used to create a portfolio we will need to know which software was used for each work. A portfolio may include group work, but we will need to know which bits you created.

Absolute beginners are accepted. It is entirely possible to create a good portfolio with only a single day-worth of work, where Blender is used for the very first time. 

Days left
Applications closed