TRC and ScreenSkills launch virtual classroom leadership programme

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A new training programme has been designed to help heads of department to develop leadership skills in an easy-to-access format.

The Leading Creatives programme, launched by ScreenSkills in association with TRC, will consist of six weekly virtual classroom sessions, led by a leadership specialist in real time - with participants able to choose from morning or afternoon sessions.

The interactive format will enable individuals to take part from anywhere, providing they have an internet connection, whilealso ensuring that they are able to communicate with the training leader and their fellow participants throughout the session.

Managerial and leadership skills have been repeatedly identified as a major skills gap by ScreenSkills’ Skills Forecasting Service. The ‘virtual classroom’ programme has been commissioned to address the deficit swiftly, while removing geographical barriers and ensuring that participants across the nations and regions are able to benefit.

The programme also takes into account other barriers to training, including hectic schedules, long shoots and childcare responsibilities.

The first round of the six-week course will commence on 23 January 2020, with sessions led by team leadership specialist Megan Anderson. After each session, participants will be assigned various leadership and management tasks and exercises to complete as part of their day-to-day work.

The nature of the programme will also reduce the cost of training, while enabling participants to retain valuable resources from the programme to view at their leisure.

Emma Turner, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Manager for ScreenSkills, said: “Leadership skills have been identified as a major skills gap across the film industry, in all departments, and the Leading Creatives programme is an excellent way to address this. The flexibility of the virtual classroom will ensure that industry professionals from across the nations and regions are able to invest in their professional development, within a manageable timeframe, and the tailored nature of the training will be hugely beneficial both to individuals and the industry as a whole.”

Claire Scally and Margaret Scott, Joint Managing Directors of TRC, said: “We understand that the nature of working in film means that finding time to invest in your own professional development can be difficult, especially at a senior level, which is why we have developed this innovative new training programme. Great leadership is vital for the success of our industry, and an essential quality for anyone looking to take their career to the next level.”

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