Survey launch identifies need for skilled workers

The need for more skilled workers in the screen industries was highlighted today at the launch of a survey of employers across the whole of the UK economy.

The 2019 CBI-Pearson Education Skills Survey of 190,000 employers represented by the CBI showed that, overall, employers’ commitment to skills training has strengthened, with 84% of businesses expecting to maintain or increase investment in training in their workforce.

The report found that effective school and college partnerships with businesses have a key role to play in raising levels of attainment and smoothing the transition of work. This is precisely the kind of education and industry contact ScreenSkills is fostering through the ScreenSkills Select process of endorsing college and university courses with industry evaluators.

Speaking on a panel as the survey was unveiled, Mark Heholt, ScreenSkills head of policy, said issues that needed to be addressed included the under-funding and under-valuing of further education, problems with the Apprenticeship Levy in sectors with a high number of freelancers and which are project-based and the practicalities around finding enough suitable placements for the new T-levels.

Four-fifths of respondents to the survey were aware of the new T-level qualification and 77% were aware of the compulsory work placement element with two-thirds saying they were either very likely or somewhat likely to offer a placement with government support. There are some concerns in the screen industries around how the placements can work for young people who do not live near centres of production.

You can read the report here.

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