Students create animation shorts in seven days

© 3Dami

Around 30 students aged 13 to 18 years old participated in a week-long animation summer school organised by 3Dami and supported by ScreenSkills.

Students made their own 3D animated short during the free programme. “We tasked students to run every part of the production process,” Peter Kemp, director of 3Dami, says. “They looked at everything from ideation, script writing and storyboarding, to modelling, rigging, animation and the final edit.”

With the help of onsite experts in 3D animated films, the students created their own Pixar-style films using the open source software Blender. On the last day, all films were shown to an audience of parents and friends during a premiere event.

“In a world where 3D media is increasingly important, 3Dami is one of the only opportunities worldwide for young people to come together and experience what it is like to run their own 3D film studio,” Peter says.

The three animated films that were created during the summer school can be seen here:

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