ScreenSkills partnership gives help to diverse talent

Dozens of screen professionals from groups under-represented in the industry are to get a career boost thanks to a partnership between ScreenSkills and leading trade titles Broadcast and Screen International.

Some participants in programmes supported by ScreenSkills have been chosen to receive free online subscriptions to the titles as part of an initiative to improve diversity and inclusion in the film and television industries.

The initiative was launched to mark Broadcast’s 60th anniversary and will be renewed annually. It aims to ensure that emerging talent is able to stay up-to-date with developments in the screen industry and help give them information to help them further their careers.

Kaye Elliott, Director of High-end TV, says:” Finding and supporting more diverse talent is a priority we have been addressing directly for a number of years, including running a string of programmes to make a real difference in inclusion.

“People from under-represented groups don’t automatically have contacts and easy ways of learning about what we do. A free subscription is a terrific extra resource and we’re so pleased some of our alumni will benefit.”

Gareth Ellis-Unwin, Head of Film and Animation, adds: “We will soon open a new round of funding for training programmes that will help us work towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce. But investment in training alone is not enough to overcome all the barriers faced by people from under-represented groups in the industry. Initiatives such as these that give talent access to a wealth of knowledge, contacts and opportunities are equally necessary, so we are grateful to Broadcast and Screen International for donating these subscriptions.”

ScreenSkills was chosen by Broadcast and Screen for the initiative which will also benefit people on courses run by Mama Youth and Pact. The titles expect to support more than 100 people from under-represented groups.

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