ScreenSkills to deliver £2m Creative Careers programme

A £2 million programme to transform careers information and to develop new apprenticeship standards is to be delivered by ScreenSkills working with Creative & Cultural Skills, our partner body in the arts, and the Creative Industries Federation.

The initiative was announced today (7 December) by creative industries minister Margot James and is part of the creative industries sector deal in the government’s industrial strategy.

Government is providing £2 million funding to kick-start the Creative Careers Programme which has also secured support in kind from industry.

Seetha Kumar, chief executive of ScreenSkills, said: “It is really important to attract bright young talent into creative industries such as film, TV and video games so we are really pleased to be taking the lead in transforming online careers information for hundreds of thousands of school, college and university students across the country.”

The Creative Careers Programme aims to raise awareness of employment opportunities in the sector, reaching more than 160,000 students by 2020, with better careers information online and through careers advisers. It is hoped that around two million young people will be able to access better advice about pursuing a creative career.

The industry has made commitments to support the programme totalling £12 million. Those commitments include giving time to go into schools and colleges to talk to students about creative careers, opening their doors to provide experience of the world of work, and helping develop new apprenticeship standards.

Our creative industries are a vital part of the economy, contributing over £100 billion to the economy.

Margot James, creative industries minister

The Creative Careers Programme is part of a broader boost to the creative industries which includes £4 million investment to help creative businesses in the West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Bristol, £2 million for the Get It Right campaign which encourages consumers to make legal downloads and £390,000 for projects helping the games sector.

Margot James, creative industries minister, said: “Our creative industries are a vital part of the economy, contributing over £100 billion to the economy so it is important we maintain the pipeline of talent. This package will take the sector from strength to strength by arming the next generation of creatives with the necessary skills and giving businesses in the sector the support they need to succeed."

To find out more about how to get involved with the Creative Careers Programme contact:

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