Animation Skills Fund supports women in VFX and animation

A group of 24 women at different career stages are taking part in an intensive introduction to strategic career management for women in VFX and animation.

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Funded by the ScreenSkills Animation Skills Fund with contributions from UK animation productions and with additional support from Escape Studios, Animated Women UK delivers the Helen North Achieve Programme to address some of the challenges and barriers faced by women when trying to fulfil their potential in the industry. 

Now on its third year, the goal of the interactive programme is to help participants develop a much greater understanding of how to manage their own careers within a supportive network of like-minded professionals.

Participants have already completed an introductory session and four of five workshops which covered topics such as achieving and exhibiting the skills needed to enhance career prospects and presenting yourself confidently.

Tom Box, Chair of the ScreenSkills Animation Skills Council, said: ”Reaching gender balance is of vital importance to our industry and this initiative is a targeted programme to making sure that is achieved, at every level of the career ladder.”

Georgina Hurcombe, from LoveLove Films, who participated in the last edition of the programme said: “Being able to talk to like-minded women about issues that we all face and how to overcome them has been invaluable and inspiring. It’s was great to be able to speak to women from fantastic organizations such as DNeg, Disney and Blue Zoo.

“The mix of career stages also provided unique and valuable insight. Personally, it has also been really useful to hear what these women want in their own organisations and then think about whether I can apply any of these learnings at LoveLove Films. I’ve made some really great new friends too and a year later I'm regularly meeting up with many of them.”


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