Response to government investment in FE

Lucky Man

We welcome the announcement that the government will be investing a significant amount of new money into further education. The screen sector is booming but that is creating acute and accelerating skills shortages, so we desperately need to train more people with practical skills. We also need to address the lack of diversity in the sector and to promote social mobility.

However, we are disappointed not to see any reference to creative subjects and the creative industries alongside the recognition of the importance of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to the economy. The screen sector contributed over £14 billion to the UK economy last year and it provides jobs for 211,000 people. It requires people with both STEM and creative skills.

Furthermore, the creative industries are expected to continue to provide jobs growth even as robotics and artificial intelligence have a greater impact on the jobs market.

Seetha Kumar. CEO of ScreenSkills said: “Investment in skills and education is critical to support the continued growth of the screen sector and to provide opportunities for all to enter and progress in these vibrant industries. We welcome the government’s announcement of new investment into further education.

“But we call on the government to recognise the importance of creative as well as STEM learning in preparing students for roles in the screen sector and in contributing to the success of the UK economy. Many roles in film, television, VFX, animation and games require STEM subjects, but the industry cannot continue to thrive on STEM alone.”

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