New apprenticeship standard published

Ubisoft have led on developing a new Digital Community Managers apprenticeship in games.

It has been announced that a new apprenticeship standard has just been approved and published. The role, titled Digital Community Manager, is found in video games and software provider companies. Digital Community Managers are the online point of contact for the people using the software or playing the videogames (also known as the community).  They act as the conduit for the company to communicate with the community and vice versa.

The lead employer on developing the apprenticeship was Ubisoft, supported by Rebellion, Coatsink, Sports Interactive, Future Games of London and Auroch Digital.  

Read more about the standard here

The training provider that will deliver this apprenticeship will be announced shortly, but is expected to be available in both the South and the North of England. For more information, contact:

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