Media Xchange Advanced Writers programme visit LA

Fourteen writers have been given the chance to visit Los Angeles for a week to further their showrunning knowledge and sample a taste of the LA industry first hand.

Funded by the High-end TV Skills Fund, this additional module to the MediaXchange Advanced Writing programme delivered in 2017-18 enabled writers to meet with prominent industry figures, visit studios and attend workshops on topics such as pitching, diversity and living as a Brit in the United States.

Participant Brendan Foley described the week in Los Angeles as invaluable. "Showrunners are some of the busiest people on the planet, so to have direct access not just to one or two, but a small army of them, for detailed discussions on all aspects of writers rooms and showrunning was a real gift,” he said.

Participants had the chance to meet Friends and Desperate Housewives consulting producer Jeff Greenstein and Picket Fences showrunner Jeff Melvoin. This allowed them to learn about the showrunning process for returning episodic and serialised drama, as well as limited series.

 “Meeting key writers, producers and managers as well as visits to working writers rooms gave the group a great insight into the possible future shape of the business and the part UK writers can play,” Brendan said.

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