Help us improve National Occupational Standards for apprenticeships in screen

ScreenSkills is asking for industry feedback on its update of the National Occupational Standards that inform the development of qualifications and apprenticeships in the screen industries.

We have consulted with professionals across the nations about the competencies, skills and knowledge that are needed to work in the screen industries. This was done to be able to update the existing National Occupational Standards to reflect what is currently expected of employees by industry.

We have reviewed both the Production (Film and TV) Standards - which list the practical skills and knowledge people need in order to work in a film and TV production team - and the Creative Media Generic Standards – a list of soft skills that are required to thrive in the industry.

To ensure that the updated suite of standards captures what currently is considered best practice in the industry, we encourage professionals to download the draft version of the update and give feedback to sections relevant to them by Wednesday 20 February. Please invite anyone else who might want to have a say to participate in the consultation.

Thank you in advance for your time. Please contact if you require any further information.

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