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What do you get when seven writers collaborate to write three scripts, with the writers pairing up and each doing a pass on the scripts? The birth of a new situation comedy called Generation Lost. Grand Scheme Media, Hat Trick Productions and Creative Skillset supported the training project which culminated in a live read this month at Hat Trick’s offices.

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Tasha Dhanraj, Grand Scheme Media comedy writer, said: "It was fantastic to be part of the initiative. From the moment we sat down as seven writers, everyone was bouncing off each other, developing and refining the characters and premise. I was paired off with James Huntrods to write our episode and re-drafts.

From the moment we sat down as seven writers, everyone was bouncing off each other, developing and refining the characters and premise.

Tasha Dhanraj, Grand Scheme Media comedy writer

"Writing with James was such an enjoyable experience; we have a really similar sense of humour and way of working and he’s remarkably talented. The read through at Hat Trick was an amazing opportunity and the actors were hilarious. They brought such life and vibrancy to our scripts, it was a perfect way to end the process."

James Huntrods, Grand Scheme Media comedy writer, said: "It’s a rare treat to have a writers’ room in the UK. Having so many creative voices together to build a show from scratch was a unique experience, and meant that only the best ideas survived. I particularly enjoyed that after our initial drafts we all swapped scripts and rewrote others.

"It’s really informative to see what of your own drafts gets changed, and it’s a good way to keep your ego in check. Being paired with Tasha was great. She had fantastic character vision and wrote jokes I’d never think of. We plan to collaborate again in the future!”

Tom Jordan, producer at Hat Trick Production, said: "Congrats to the team on creating a really funny script and a brilliant read through. Highly recommended for new writers looking to work in comedy writing for TV.

Bringing in new talent

In addition to the Team Writing Initiative, Grand Scheme Media (GSM) has been incredibly active training up writers and script editors to bring new talent into the TV Drama and Comedy Drama industry. Jack Buckley attended GSM's Script Editor course, presented by Philip Shelley, and is now working at the the Kitson Pressliterary agency. Cicely Hadman is now working as development executive at Buccaneer Media and Hayley Cameron worked on the 2017 Channel 4 screenwriting course as script reader.

Following Grand Scheme's three day Drama Writer Surgery, two writers, Maya Sondhi and Florence Keith-Roach, have projects in active development with Bandit Television.  Finally, scripts from the 2016 Irish Comedy Writing event are now under consideration by BBC Northern Ireland for possible pilot production, including 'Chieftans' by Andrew Parkhill.

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