Emerging directors complete placements on Killing Eve and Wild Bill

Two of five placements of the High-end TV Drama Directors Programme have been completed. The scheme - funded by the High-end TV Skills Fund and delivered by Directors UK - provides emerging directors with creative, editorial and technical knowledge and places them on a drama production for up to 12 weeks.

Katherine Churcher with Damon Thomas on the set of Killing Eve © Gareth Gatrell

The paid placements enable the up-and-coming directors to explore all aspects of a production under the leadership of a mentor. They also get the opportunity to direct second unit scenes and gain an on-screen credit.

Katherine Churcher worked alongside lead director Damon Thomas on Sid Gentle’s second season of Killing Eve. Producer Andy Noble said: “We were committed from the beginning to supporting Katherine through prep, shoot and edit and we are all delighted that she brought so much to the whole team, through her involvement and immersion in the process.”

Series producer Elinor Day added: “It was invaluable having Katherine with us for the filming of the final two episodes of Killing Eve 2. Katherine proved an invaluable and versatile support, integrating seamlessly with the crew and intently watching Damon’s shooting style in order to provide matching coverage for the second unit scenes she directed. I will watch her growing career in television drama with real interest.”

Speaking of the experience, Katherine said: “The High-end TV Drama Directors Programme is invaluable. The practical experience I’ve gained in stunts, rehearsals and pacing of the schedule has been second-to-none. I have connected with top producers, gained an agent and been hired to direct further drama as a direct result.”

Claire Tailyour has just completed 10 weeks working on the new drama Wild Bill, produced by 42, Anonymous Content Media and Shiver for ITV. Producer Peter McAleese said: “Claire was a terrifically valuable asset to the show, displaying an enviable understanding of the show’s needs and requirements, combined with an instinctive ability to execute her responsibilities quickly and efficiently. As such, she alleviated considerable strain on the production and I personally would be extremely pleased to collaborate with her at any point in what I am sure will be her very bright future.”

Claire added: “Not only did I gain tangible directing tools whilst working alongside the incredible John and Annie during prep, production and post, but I also directed my own crew on location in Lincolnshire, on car stunts and scenes with our talented main cast. Schemes like this led by Directors UK and the High-end TV Skills Council are crucial. It has been a turning point for my career.”

Please contact the High-end TV team if you are interested in offering a chance to another emerging director on your high-end TV production.

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