Children’s TV Make a Move scheme expanded

The Children’s TV Skills Fund is launching a new strand of the respected Make a Move scheme with extra funding targeted at production management roles.

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Make a Move enables the upskilling of individuals that have been identified by the industry as ready to move into a more senior role. Until now the scheme had two strands – one for high-end TV and one for children’s TV. The new fund will operate alongside the existing children’s television strand, but it will focus specifically on production management roles, a key shortage area in the industry.

The key purpose of the initiative is to increase and upskill the children’s TV workforce in the UK and in doing so, support the growth of the sector. Training can focus on skills needed for an active production, programme development, or for business growth.

Working with the trainees has been of huge benefit both to the trainees and to the company. In fact, several of the people we have worked with have gone on to work longer term at Drummer and all have gone on to work within the industry.

Rachel Drummond-Hay, executive producer at Drummer TV

Productions that contribute to the Children’s TV Skills Fund can apply to receive up to £10,000 pounds of funding to help experienced professionals advance their careers through Make a Move.

To tackle particular shortages in production management roles, the Children’s TV Skills Fund has created a dedicated new strand. In partnership with the High-end TV Skills Fund there is up to £2,500 additional funding for those accessing this new Make a Move strand - making £12,500 in total. Applications for the extra funding should be made before 29 March 2019.

ScreenSkills TV associate Sarah Joyce says: “The Make a Move Fund is a fantastic scheme allowing producers to train on-the-job in the specific skills they need, often having already identified someone ready to ‘step-up’.  It offers the opportunity to learn new skills and embed them through practical application, it allows working relationships to develop and gives employers a wider pool to recruit from in the future.”

Read a case study about how a children’s company used the Make a Move scheme here.

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