Behind-the-camera talent among 2019 Stars of Tomorrow

Screen has announced its Stars of Tomorrow of 2019.

© Peter Searle/Screen International

ScreenSkills is proud to have partnered with Screen in identifying Stars of Tomorrow – including an agreement to permanently include heads of department for the first time in the 16 years of the annual celebration of talent.

This year’s line-up of UK and Irish Stars includes those from cinematography, production design, editing, casting and music alongside actors, directors, writers and producers.

Some of the professionals have benefited from ScreenSkills support in the earlier years of their careers.  For instance, the director Claire Oakley used a bursary in 2014 to take the TorinoFilmLab AdaptLab advanced training course on the process of adapting books to screenplays. ScreenSkills Funding also enabled director and writer Benjamin Bee to complete a filmmaking course at the London School of Film, which helped him enter the industry.

Other Stars have already provided opportunities to up-and-coming talent with the editor Mdhamiri Nkemi offering welcome advice to a ScreenSkills Trainee Finder trainee when he edited The Last Tree last year.

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