Bazalgette Review into creative industries published

The report, led by Sir Peter Bazalgette, chair of ITV, was commissioned by the government to review how the UK’s creative industries can grow the UK economy.

Creative Skillset notes that the report, which is available here, makes some specific recommendations in the areas of skills and talent development:

  • The development of an industry-led 'attraction strategy' including a marketing campaign, online advice and information, and support for the curriculum in schools to inform and prepare young people for careers in the creative industries
  • A three year pilot of modifications to the apprenticeship levy to allow greater flexibility for creative businesses in using the levy funding in line with their practical needs 
  • Support for the Creative Inductry Council's recommendation that a single system of accrediation for education and training provision for jobs in the Creative Industries be rolled out across the sector
  • Further and higher education establishments to work with industry to expand the network of "Saturday Clubs", inspiring creativity in teenagers. 

In every scenario the creative industries are set to be of central importance to the UK’s future success.

Sir Peter Bazalgette, chair of ITV

The report also outlines the building blocks of a proposed Creative Industries Sector Deal, that will be considered by the government in developing their industrial strategy:

  • Prioritising support for regional growth through a City Deal model, supported by a £500 million Creative Clusters Fund
  • Recognising that the Creative Industries are highly active in Research and Development and deserve greater direct investment
  • Developing innovative approaches to data transparency and acknowledging the value of intangible Intellectual Property
  • Adopting a 'ladder of growth' approach for access to finance for creative micro-enterprises and SMEs 
  • Informing and exciting young people, their teachers and parents about careers in the Creative Industries and ensuring approaches to apprenticeships are optimised for individuals and employers in the sector
  • Ensuring government builds on the UK's highly skilled workforce in screen-based industries to exploit Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies. This includes direct investment into VR/AR research and extending the UK Games Fund.
  • Establishing a new, bespoke International Trade Board and creating a new Creative Industries Observatory to cement the UK's international position as a leading authority on the strategy, policy and measurement of the creative sector.

It is thought that this Sector Deal could:

  • Sustain growth of the sector to reach £128.4bn Gross Value Added (GVA) by 2025 
  • Create roughly one million new creative jobs by 2030
  • Narrow the gap in GVA and jobs between the South-East of England and the rest of the UK
  • Ensure the creative industries are more representative of UK society by being attractive and accessible to a diverse range of people.

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