First “Barometer” research finds 86% report recruitment difficulties

ScreenSkills today publishes the first findings from its new Skills Forecasting Service and calls on all employers to take part in a forthcoming survey designed to paint a comprehensive picture of the UK’s screen industries and help address skills needs.

The first Quarterly ScreenSkills Barometer, a state-of-the-sector snapshot from a specially selected expert panel, underlines the continuing need for skills investment.

UK screen industries remain confident of continued growth with most respondents expecting activity to continue to rise.

Limited availability of skilled workers in key areas is perceived as one of the main factors affecting further growth, cited by nearly half the panel. More than a third (36%) named Brexit as affecting business activity and 22% changes to exchange rates.

In film and TV, the most difficult roles to recruit for are in production (including production accountants, line producers, production and location managers). Several technical and supervisory roles were also reported as hard to fill in VFX (supervisors, FX artists, creature FX and animators) and in games (programmers and project managers).

Less than a third of screen professionals believe the industry is investing sufficiently in skills although 86% report recruitment difficulties.

Skills shortages affect the sector in a number of ways including increased operating costs, lost business opportunities and missed deadlines. For more details, read the findings here.

The Barometer consists of 50 industry representatives chosen for their understanding of the sector. More Barometer panellists are required for future rounds. ScreenSkills is particularly seeking input from professionals based outside London and the South East, including those working in children’s television, games and VFX.

The Barometer will take the temperature of the sector at regular intervals and will be complemented by the forthcoming Employer Survey where the ambition is to secure input from hundreds of UK employers in the screen industries (film, high-end TV, unscripted TV, children’s TV, animation, VFX and games).

Seetha Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of ScreenSkills, said: “The Barometer findings support anecdotal concerns being raised across the industry about skills shortages. In time, we expect these snapshots will also act as an early warning system to identify new skills needs as they emerge.”

You can click the following link to download and read the Quarterly Barometer research (PDF).

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