Animation Skills Council to support 3Dami’s UK-wide training project

An innovative, two-year project to train young people across the country in 3D animation skills will launch in January 2020.

Train the Trainers will teach 3D animation and VFX skills to young people across the UK, with an ambition to engage more than 1,700 pupils. VFX, games and media students recruited through a partnership with the NextGen Skills Academy will receive training to run 3D animation workshops for 11 to 16-year-old pupils, predominantly in after-school clubs.

Using a network of colleges and universities and specially-made resources, 3Dami’s aim is to increase the numbers of pupils getting VFX and 3D animation training across the UK, as well as improving the soft skills of older students and undergraduates.

School children in the clubs will gain first-hand experience of digital creativity using industry standard 3D software while gaining real experience to inform career and education decisions. The student trainers will gain valuable presentation, planning and communication skills to help with their employability given that it is evident that many lack these soft skills when they graduate.

The colleges and universities that sign up to the project will be encouraged to develop relationships with local schools, supporting the sustainability of their courses, and the students who are delivering the workshops will serve as role models and career advisors to aspiring young animators and VFX artists.


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